May 10

Human Geo backup page

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AP Human Geography End of the Year Project 300pts

Portfolio Project Part 1 Data Sheet
1. World Fact Book
2. About Education Country Information
Current Events Summary
1. MLA – Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab
2. New York Times International News
3.International Herald Tribune
4. BBC World News
5. Washington Post
6. Time/World
7. US print but covers the world: Christian Science Monitor
8. National Geographic Magazine
9. International Crisis Group
Portfolio Project Part 2 Population Profile
1. Population Reference Bureau
Portfolio Project Part 3 Culture 
1. Country’s Insight
2. World Cultures
3. Religion
4. Ethnology- Languages of the World
5. Omniglot- Writing systems & Languages
6. Google Translate
Portfolio Project Part 4 Ethnicity & Political Organization
1. CIA: The World Fact book

AP Human Geography Textbook

Glossary A-18 to A-30 PDF
Chapter 1 Intro to Human Geography 1-33 PDF
Chapter 2 Population 34-67 PDF
Chapter 3 Migration 68-97 PDF
Chapter 4 Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Cultural Landscapes 98-124 PDF
Chapter 5 Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality 125-147 PDF
Chapter 6 Language 148-176 PDF
Chapter 7 Religion 177-217 PDF
Chapter 8 Political Geography 219-256 PDF
Chapter 9 Urban Geography 257-299 PDF
Chapter 10 Development 300-327 PDF
Chapter 11 Agriculture 328-360 PDF
Chapter 12 Industry and Services 361-388 PDF
Chapter 13 Human Environment 389-417 PDF
Chapter 14 Globalization and the Geography of Networks 418-430 PDF

AP Human Geography  Resources

Cornell Notes Template  CH DOCX PDF
 National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center 1-20
 Video: Human Population  Growth 2
 World Cultures 4
 Intangible Cultural Heritage 4
 Pop Culture in the Arab Word 4 Video
 The Surprising Spread of Idol TV 4 Video
This Old House: American House Styles 4 Website
Houses Around the World 4 Website
100pts Culture Survey 4 DOCX PDF
The Linguists: Language 6 Website
100pts Project: Language Website 6 Website
100pts Project Directions  6 PDF
Donald Trump: Make America Great Again Campaign Website 8 Website
Biography Donald Trump 8 Website
Wikipedia Donald Trump 8 Website
Hillary Clinton Campaign Website 8 Website
Biography Hillary Clinton 8 Website
Wikipedia Hillary Clinton 8 Website
 AP Human Geography Exam Review Tools
1. AP Human Geography Crash Course  PDF
2. One Month AP Human Geography Study Guide Website
3. Practice Questions and FRQs Website 
4. Crash Course Videos on APHG Concepts Youtube
5. 5 Steps to a 5 500 Questions to Know Diagnostic test PDF
6. REA Practice Test Practice Test PDF
7. Tons of resources Website
8. “Gotta Knows” PDF
9. Models of Key Geographic Concepts PDF